i write. i design. i do business.


i was told it'd be a good idea to start my own brand. so here i am. starting my own brand. i am a jill of all trades. which means, more times than not, no one knows what the heck i do. that's okay. because, now, i have my own brand. that will explain everything. the mission of this little place on the inter-web is to be a place of inspiration — for both me and you. yes, you. consider this the place where we meet up, talk about life. dive into it's deep questions, laugh at silly things, discuss business ideas, obsess over music, plan our next trip overseas, and everything in between.

before you move on — here's the cliff notes: i write here. i design at third story apartment. i talk on a weekly podcast — the daring romantics. 

more than anything, i hope you take away three things from this space: the idea that your dream matters, that you are capable of greatness, and you have the ability to design the life of your dreams. here's why you need to know this: because the world needs you to be who you were created to be: fully alive.