how to brand yourself as an industry leader


The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 10

we live in a world where people are looking for someone to lead them. 

everyday, people are looking for new people to follow. new people to tell them what trends they should follow, what podcasts they should listen to, what books they should be reading, what theories they ought to be incorporating into their businesses.

essentially they are looking for someone to inspire them to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater.

so, if people are looking for someone to lead them — it might as well be you. because, you’re no small dreamer — you’ve got something to say and an idea inside you that has the ability to change the world.

so, the question isn’t “should i be a leader?” — you already are one. the question is “how do i brand myself as a leader in my industry?”

in this week’s episode of #thedaringromantics podcast, i am sharing how to set yourself apart from others in your industry and stand out as the leader and expert in your field. you’ll walk away from this episode with some  practical action steps so that you can position yourself as the leader you were made to be.

oh, and, p.s. in the episode — i mention a free branding workbook i created called "noticed like neon" that you can download here. 

tune on iTunes here + enjoy the episode, my friends. 

cheers and xo's,

lindsey eryn


the one thing all your ideas need

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the other day, i was driving home — and i was thinking about how excited i am about the new year and all the ideas that i have and the people around me have. literally, the thought that our ideas have the ability to shape our futures and the world around us gave me goosebumps. 

but, then, as always— my mind started drifting off and going on rabbit trails. 

i started thinking about how there are so many talented and skilled people out there in the world full of really darn good ideas— but, somehow, they’re always at square one. somehow, they’re still struggling, still striving, still trying to get to success but never reaching it.

i started asking myself “why? why are these really talented people not making impact with their ideas?” 

as i started asking myself questions, i realized: 

reaching wild success isn’t about how good or how strong our ideas are. 

ideas are only ONE part of the equation.

you can be the smartest person on the planet with the most genius idea and still— your idea can plummet and make zero impact on humanity. 

why? because ideas on their own are not enough to take us to the places we envision for ourselves. ideas on their own are not strong enough to carry us to success.

every ideas needs something else— a secret ingredient to be paired with in order to make magic and create a dent in the universe.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing the ONE thing that all of your ideas need in order to flourish and make an impact on the world around you.

here’s the thing: you are fully capable of defying normal and making magic in the world with your ideas. 

but, you’re going to need this *one* thing.

get your headphone + tune in — this week, it’s all about helping you take your ideas and make a dent in universe. 

you’ve got this, friend. you were made for greatness.

cheers and xo’s, 

lindsey eryn 

do these 5 things and 2018 will be better than your wildest imagination




at the stroke of midnight on new years eve, we’ll all be given a fresh start and a clean slate. but, after we’re done celebrating — what will we do with the gift of “newness” that we’ve been given? will we sacrifice our old ways, habits, and mentalities in order to fully receive the fresh start and the infinite possibilities that come with it?

or will we forfeit the new beginning, the fresh start, and the hope of possibilities for a few more moments of familiarity, for what we deem as “safe + secure”, and for what is comfortable and known?

when the clock strikes midnight — we have a choice. we’ll be at a fork in the road.

we can do what we’ve always done or we can do something different. we can react to life or we can be proactive. we can stick with what’s familiar or we can dare to venture into the unknown. we can take the “easy” road or decide to muster up all the courage within us, take the hard road, and fight like hell against the obstacles we’ll meet.

if we want this year to be different--

we must choose the latter: we must do something different (something we’ve never done before), we must be proactive, we must venture into the unknown, and we must fight like hell on the hard road.

if we truly want to experience victory and a realm of infinite possibilities—then we have to allow hope to transform us — to change the way we do things, to die to our old selves, to embrace newness + to hold onto it like our lives depend on it.

because, in truth — our lives do. how we interact with this fresh start will have a direct impact on our futures— who we become, what we’ll accomplish, what we’ll experience, and the legacy we leave behind.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast — it's a new years revolution. i'm sharing 5 things that you can do to make sure that 2018 is better than your wildest imagination. you're on the brink of something good, something beautiful, something wild  — don't miss out on it! 

these five things are going to be the "secret sauce" to your success.

take a listen— and, let me know what you think about the last one. ;) k? 

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

10 things you need to know to propel your dream




we’re here— friiiiday! which means— a new episode of the daring romantics is now out and available for your listening pleasure! (wink! wink!) but, really — i’m excited about this episode because it’s a healthy mix of inspiration + practicality. 

because, as we all know— it’s great to be inspired, but sometimes we just need a game plan to be paired up with inspiring words. 

so, this episode— it’s all that. 

i don’t know about you— but i’m expecting 2018 to be the bigger and better than my wildest imagination. if you’re hoping for the same thing — then, we’ve gotta switch things uphow we do things, how we think about things, how we move, how we interact with the world around us.

because it’s like tony robbins once said, “if you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


there’s not a scarcity on success — it’s there, waiting, and completely available to you. 

you just have to be willing to put in the work and reach out and grab it. 

in this week’s episode, i’m talking about 10 things each of us can be doing in order to propel our dreams forward like never before. things like:  

VISION WRITING: boldly writing down your vision for the next 365 days and not shrinking back your goals or imagination because of the past. 

ESSENTIALISM: letting go of the habits, tasks, projects that do not align with your goals and vision so that you can focus more on what is going to be able to move you closer to your goals. 

TAKING CARE OF YOUR SPIRIT, MIND, AND BODY: the little things you can be doing in the morning, throughout the day, and before you go to bed in order to enhance your way of living as your working towards your goals. 

this is just the beginning— tune into this week’s episode the daring romantics to catch the full list. 

i am confident — that one year from now, if you + i are diligent to do what we’ve never done before and to implement these 10 things into our lives — we’ll see the magic happen all around us.


you have all the tools and resources that you need in order to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy in this world. 

but, now, it’s time to get a game plan going for all of it. :) 

okay, i’ll leave you to it— tune into the episode here

cheers and xo’s, 

lindsey eryn

claim your identity




you know that infamous question that you get asked at parties — 

the one that comes after the obligatory “what’s your name?” and “where are you from?” the question that makes you say what you do for a living… yeah, i used to dread that question. 

five years ago, if you would have met me at a random party and asked “what do you do?” i would have cringed inside and given you some random answer that went kinda like this — “i’m a jill of all trades. i’m a real estate agent, i do social media for local businesses, and i do graphic design on the side.”

in all reality — graphic design work was my bread and butter. 

real estate was sucking the life out of me and social media clients were fickle as heck. 

the money was coming from graphic design. 

yet, despite the fact that that’s where the money was coming from — i never felt comfortable claiming my identity as a designer.

i was embarrased — because calling myself a “designer” meant that i had to be good. 

and, what if i wasn’t? what if i sucked? 

i questioned whether i was worthy of the name “designer”.

and i was so concerned about what my talented designer friends would say about me — what they would think of my work. 

it felt much safer to say “i do graphic design on the side.” 

after all, if it’s just a side gig— no one expects you to be good. and if you are — well, then, they are pleasantly surprised. 

i would rather people be surprised then disappointed.

for years, i let shame / fear / people’s opinions keep me in a corner. 

until one day, the light went on and i realized, 


this moment —of claiming my identity —changed everything for me. when i began to claim who i was — a graphic designer — i gave myself the permission to grow, to expand in my capacity, to be known, to act and think differently, and to be successful.

because — there is power in a name.

i went from sheepishly saying “i do graphic design on the side” to boldly saying “i’m a graphic designer”. claiming my identity was my game changer— it allowed me to go from “barely making it” to building third story apartment up to a be successful web + branding studio with a client list that spans the globe.

when i claimed my identity— i gave myself the freedom to know how i was, know my worth, and recognize the value i had to add to this world.

this week on the daring romantics, i’m pulling back the curtains and going in-depth into how claiming your identity can transform your life, business, world, and even finances. and why it’s so important for us to kick fear and shame to the curb in order to claim our identity an be who we were created to be. 

throughout the episode, i’ll walk you through all the steps and share some tricks that i took in order to get from barely making it as a designer to a wildly successful business owner. and, don’t worry— whether you’re an entrepreneur or not — there’s something in this episode for everyone. 

cause, at the end of the day — we’re all human, all in the process of becoming, and all here for a divine purpose with big dreams inside of us.

there’s power in a name, my friend. 

tune in on iTunes. 


cheers and xo's, 


new year, new word




i haven’t always been person of tradition. to be honest, i used to think tradition was so pointless — like a stale habit. but, one day — i heard someone explain the beauty and importance of tradition and it changed everything for me.

you see, tradition — it keeps us on track, it guides us, it reminds of who we are, and our heritage.

in the busy pace of life— between work, dreaming, relationships and everything else that comes with being human — it’s so easy to get caught up in the moments and circumstances of life and forget the beautiful truths of who we are, why we’re here on this earth, and what we are capable of.

when we take time out of the busy day-to-day and allow ourselves the opportunity to focus on tradition — we in turn give ourselves the space to preserve the fire within us and remember who we are and who we are meant to be.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing the year-end tradition that i have incorporated into my life that has kept me grounded and allowed me to flourish in all areas of my life including in my business.

the tradition is simple— choose a word, just one word. and hold onto it for 365 days and allow it to be the force that guides you and anchors you as you pursue your world ideas.

i’m sharing everything about this tradition on the podcast — why i started it, how’s it’s helped me and changed my life + business, and the word i have chosen for to hold onto for 2018.

i challenge you — listen to the episode, then take this tradition on as your own. 

and watch what happens. watch life take you by surprise. watch your person grow, watch your business flourish, and watch yourself become a stronger than you could have imagined.

there’s magic in tradition. 

start listening on iTunes, here.

cheers and xo’s, 


lindsey eryn 

how we walk with the broken > how we sit with the great



of the daring romantics

when glass breaks, we always take steps backwards so that we don’t cut ourselves or get hurt. we move away. and too often, how we treat broken glass is how we treat broken people. we distance ourselves so we don't get caught up in their mess, so we don't get hurt, so we don't become damaged by loving them. but, if there’s one thing that i believe— it’s this: we were created to take steps towards the broken pieces of humanity.

what i’ve learned in my life is this —everyone has a heartache, everyone has a secret, everyone has something messy that they try to hide away, everybody has a hole they are trying to fill. 

no one is perfect. no one has it all together. 

we’re all just humans — drenched with humanity, not perfection.

and, all of us— have the same desire: to be seen. to be noticed. to know that we’re not forgotten. to know that we matter. 

this week on #thedaringromantics podcast— i’m talking about how you walk with the broken is more important than how you sit with the great. and why we as dreamers, entrepreneurs, and daring believers ought to be the first ones to take steps towards the broken pieces of humanity and notice people, like really notice them.

EPISODE No. 4 is now available on iTunes, you can listen here. be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future episodes. leave a review and share it! let's make magic together, friends. 

we’re all in this together.


lindsey eryn

pace yourself




it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

— confucius

for the most part — i love to learn things on my own. i feel like when i do, the lessons are engraved into the fabrics of my being. they become my truths. but, if there’s one thing i wish — it’s this — i wish someone would have told me to pace myself in my journey of creating. 

i wish that someone would have told me that it was okay to go a little slower. that it wasn’t weak.

we live in such a fast paced world — everything happens within minutes, seconds, milliseconds. we work, and we want to see results. we want to see the fruits of our labor. and when we don’t see something happen— we work harder, produce more, and ramp up our efforts in order to see things move forward. 

we see the people around us moving at lightening speeds — so, we run as fast as we can towards our goals in efforts to keep up. to stay in the proverbial race. 

but, the race — it can be tiring. 

and, too many times, we don’t listen to our bodies when it says “slow down”, “let me rest”, “i need a breather”. we push— harder and harder. thinking that if we slow down— then we’re weak. if we slow down we’re not as strong, as powerful as the people running beside us.

but — gosh. that’s just not true. 

i’ve learned that. 

the hard way (and, in more ways than one.) 

in today’s episode of the daring romantics, i’m opening up about this past season of my life — the burnout i experienced and i really wish that someone would have come along side of me and told me “lindsey, pace yourself.” 

my greatest hope is that after this episode, you’ll feel refreshed and have a sigh of relief that it’s okay to pace yourself and not run at full speed all the time.

this one is for the doers, the dreamers, the humans who want to move mountains and make it to the finish line strong.

you can listen to the episode on iTunes, here.

and, please —write me. tell me what you think. what you’re experiences have been.

we’re all in this together, friends.


lindsey eryn