are you taking care of yourself?



Episode No. 36

every now and then, i have these moments — where i think to myself “i wish someone would have told me that! it would have saved me so much trouble.” 

when i started out on my journey of entrepreneurship, it wasn’t the trend — there was no “girl boss” movement. and, i didn’t know anyone else who was stepping out on their own and trying to build their own business. 

i didn’t have a ton of guidance. but, i wish i did. because, i think i could have saved myself a ton of time / energy / and heartache. 

one of the things that i wish someone would have asked me was “are you taking care of yourself?” 

because, truth be told — at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur i was not taking care of myself. i rarely workout, was lucky if i remembered to eat, always missed doctor’s appointments, and neglected my own health and wellbeing — all because i thought i “didn’t have time” to take care of myself. 

i bought into the idea that “real” entrepreneurs — work, hustle, and slow down for nothing. as a female in business, i wanted to be taken seriously —i wanted to prove myself, prove that i knew what i was talking about, and prove that i had something unique to offer the world. so, i made sacrifices around every corner — needless to say, self-care + wellness were NOT on my radar. in fact, i thought “self-care” was for the weak — that it was a crutch or an excuse for people who couldn’t handle the pressure of forging their own path in the world. 

gosh, was i wrong. 

and, i didn’t realize i was wrong for a long time.

because, heck — we never want to admit we’re wrong, right?

but, yeah — i was wrong.

and it took having a seizure for me to understand that. 

you see, for years —i felt like i had to choose one or the other, wellness or business, but couldn’t do both. 

but, after a real comin’ to Jesus moment that came in the form of seizing on the floor of my best friend’s home — i realized, as dream chasers— wellness is just as important as brainstorming, dreaming, marketing, networking, and putting in the work. because, the only way that we can actually make our dreams become a reality is if we’re well enough to make it happen — spirit, mind, and body. if we’re run down, burned out, laying on a hospital bed, or mentally stretched and weary — we won’t be able to forge ahead and make bold moves in the way we desire.

focusing on our health + wellness doesn’t take away from building our empires, on the contrary — it empowers us to go beyond what we imagine. 

so, my question for you is this — ARE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF?

your dreams, ideas, and business is important — yes. but, so are you. and in order for your dream to truly flourish in the world — you have to have the courage to make yourself a priority and take care of yourself along the way.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into the idea of wellness + self-care and sharing 15 easy and practical ways that we can implement wellness and self-care into our lives — so that even on our busy days, we are taking care of ourselves in a way that gives back to every part of us so that we can continue to move forward with boldness + energy and make impact in our industry, community, and world. 

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cheers and xo's,

lindsey eryn

you can change your story | part 2




as a writer + designer, i have learned the power of editing my work. i have learned that deleting, adding in, changing out words / elements, rearranging, spacing out, and fine tuning can transform any ordinary piece of work to something extraordinary. and, ultimately, make it stronger.

i can’t help but believe that the art of editing can serve us in our lives as dreamers + entrepreneurs, too.

okay, let me explain. 

one of the common themes that i hear from people is that they are unhappy with their lives, unfulfilled, and bored with the stories they are living out. and, they go about life feeling powerless — as if they cannot change anything or make their lives any better than they are.

but, here’s the thing — THEY HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE. 

maybe, you’re reading this — and you’re saying to yourself: “yeah, that’s me too! i feel like i’m not happy with the direction my life is going.” 

listen closely, if you don’t like where you are in life, if you don’t like the way your life is playing out— YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR NARRATIVE. 

you see, too often we become reactionary to life. we take life as it comes, and don’t think about changing things up or making intentional choices for our lives. and, as a result, we end up in places we never intended to go.

but, just like i have to edit my writings or designs to make them stronger, we must do the same with our lives. 

i am confident that when we take the time to consciously edit our lives— to make intentional choices, to change our perspective, to develop our character, to take the initiative (and with faith) envision our future, to be conscious of our actions, and to be intentional to act when needed — then we can change our stories + find ourselves living a life they we’re proud of.

there is power in the editing process, my friend.

if we want to live out a story worth retelling, full of purpose and meaning — we have to take an active role in our lives. we have to edit what we’re doing, seeing, hearing so that we can position ourselves for the those divine moments that lead us to opportunity, purpose, and fulfillment. we can’t passively sit back + expect life to take our breath away, bring us opportunities + divine appointments, or clear out impossible paths for us. we have to do our part — to edit + craft our narratives.

we are the authors of our stories — we decide: 

who we become, 

where we go, 

how we see the world + how the world sees us, 

what we contribute to this world, 

and what kind of legacy we’ll leave behind. 

life doesn’t just happen to us, we’re allowed to craft life into a brilliant story that gets retold. 

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m bringing to you part 2 of “you can change your story”. it’s the follow-up episode to episode no. 33. and, in this episode, i’m sharing 5 areas of our lives that we ought to be conscious to edit so that we may live a life full of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

my greatest hope, is that after listening to this episode (and no.33) that you’ll be encouraged and feel empowered to take an active role in your own life and make your story a good one!

you were born to make magic in the world, my friend. you were destined for greatness. 

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lindsey eryn

self discipline carries you when motivation fails you


The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 34


a lot of times i don’t “feel” like working. i don’t feel like putting in all the effort required to expand, push my limits, or meet the often-times-seemingly-impossible goals that i have set for myself.

i think a lot of time, as dreamers, we get so excited about our dreams + goals and it hypes us up! we get motivated to work + feel inspired by the possibilities.

but, eventually— the motivation wears off + the thrill of making goals a reality fizzles out. the hype is no longer there to wake us up in the morning + remind us to give the day our all. and we no longer have all the “magical feels” we once had to pursue our dreams.

along my journey, i have come to realize— we can’t always listen to our feelings because sometimes they are misguiding + can betray us — holding us back from reaching our full potential. we have to navigate whether our feelings are truly a warning sign or a passing moment of weakness.

too often, we rely on “feeling motivated” + when the “go get ‘em” feeling is gone— we slow down, shrink back, or quit.

but, if we’re going to watch our dreams make impact in the world — we cannot rely on “feeling motivated.” we must tap into something more dependable— SELF DISCIPLINE. 

because, truth be told, while “making magic in the world” sounds whimsical— it is fueled by self-discipline, by conquering self, and not letting your feelings dictate your actions. “making magic” requires us to show up every day, rolling up your sleeves, and putting in the hard work despite what we feel.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i am sharing 10 things that i do daily in order to develop self-discipline within myself so that i can put in the work to reach my goals. we aren’t born with discipline, it’s something we have to learn + practice. but, if we can master it — we’ll be unstoppable. because self-discipline will carry us to our dream when motivation can’t.

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lindsey eryn


you can change your story | part 1


The Daring Romantics 

Episode No. 33

for the majority of the human population— life feels normal. it’s full of familiar routines and on a typical day—nothing big, outrageous, or crazy happens.

on a day to day basis it’s hard to see that we are living out a story —it’s hard to see the big picture because we’re in the middle of navigating our way through this human experience. and, too often, we buy into the idea that our lives are too boring, too average to be considered worthy of a story— let alone, a story worth retelling. 

but, the truth is— no matter who you, where you come,  what your education is, how old you are, what you do for a living, or how many people know your name — YOU HAVE A STORY.

you don’t have to do anything to earn your story or prove yourself worthy of a story. you have one— automatically. just by being here on this earth with air pumping through your lungs and blood rushing through your veins. 

however, it’s up to each of us, as individuals, to make our story a good one— to make our lives meaningful and purposeful. it’s up to us to take control of our narrative— to not be bystanders of our lives, but to be intentional to author it, edit, and share it.

this week, on @thedaringromantics podcast, i am diving into the idea of our lives being stories and why it’s important that we are intentional to not just write our stories, but to edit them— editing what we do, say, hear, experience, surround ourselves with, and think. because it’s when we take the time to intentionally edit our lives + stories that we have the opportunity to take our ordinary lives and make them extraordinary— full of meaning and purpose.

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn 


chill out! you have a lifetime to achieve your goals


Episode No. 32

The Daring Romantics 

dream chasing is hard and sometimes we buy into the misconception that if we’re going to be successful— then we have to meet all our goals RIGHT NOW. so, we set strict deadlines. we hustle 24/7, 365 days a year, because we’re told that’s what “real” entrepreneurs do. but, in the process, too often— many of us get overwhelmed, tired, and stop finding the fun in creating. 

how do i know this? 

because, it’s happened to me. 

in fact, if i’m being honest — that’s the season i’m in right now.

tired. overwhelmed. and finding my work anything but fun. 

my goals, which were once exciting and gave me an adrenaline of inspiration now feel more like a burden than anything else. 

as soon as i realized that i was finding work “not fun”— i started asking myself questions. because, honest to goodness, i love work. i love what i do. i think i have the best job ever.

so, if i was feeling drained, tired, and loosing the spark — then i knew i needed to dig deep and figure out why. i needed to cure the proverbial illness not just mask the symptom. 

and, what i discovered was that somewhere along the line, i started feeling the pressure to meet all my goals ASAP. i felt the need to have a quick turn around on every idea. 

which, is silly. because, i know better. 

i know that slow and steady wins the race. 

regardless, we all do and think silly thing sometimes, right? 

the past couple weeks, the idea “piece by piece, moment by moment” has been a repeated theme in my writings and morning walks. as i sat down and started going through my writings, i noticed the phrase or similar ideas were all over. 

it’s like my heart and soul had been marinating on this idea, waiting for my head to acknowledge it and understand it. you see, we don’t have to accomplish everything right now — in this year, in the next five years, or even in this decade. we have a lifetime to achieve our goals. and with that in mind, we are allowed to layer our successes, one upon another. 

we’re allowed to take our time to build empires that impact culture and legacy that impact future generations. 

when we give ourselves the permission and space to layer our successes, moment by moment — we also give ourselves the opportunity to build something sustainable. something that is going to truly last — not crumble and fall because of burnout or because we lost the joy of creating. 

this week, on the daring romantics — i’m pulling back the proverbial curtain and showing the imperfections within myself and my business. this episode is candid — sharing what i’m learning right now as i journey to take the pressure off myself to meet my goals right now and find enjoyment in my work again.

in this episode, i share 3 things that i did VERY wrong during the first 6 months of the year and 4 things that i am going to do differently so that i can make it to my goals with renewed strength. 

wherever you are in your journey, i hope that this episode gives you the courage to press on — slow and steady. take the pressure off yourself to meet your goals today, tomorrow, or the next day. you’ve got a lifetime, my friend. 

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cheers and xo’s, 

lindsey eryn

nothing beats old friends


The Daring Romantics 

Episode No. 31

as we grow and progress as human beings and entrepreneurs, it’s natural for us to want to find new friends who are in similar seasons and industries as us.

too often though, as we search out these new friendships + connections, we lose touch with our old friends. 

while it’s important to find like-minded people to dream chase with, its equally important to stay intentional with our old friends — the ones who know us, our stories, and history.

because, there’s something special about those connections that we made before we started our careers. our old friends — they know us, the non-glamorous, not-so-serious and ever so silly selves. they helped us get through those low moments of life —whether it was circling around school, relationships, family, or health. they went through the awkward stages with us — and accepted and loved us when instagram wasn’t a thing and we had braces or couldn’t figure out to dress for our bodies. they picked us up when we experienced our first heartbreaks and assured us that life was going to be good. they are the friends who can speak life to us and truth to us, without dancing around the issue. they’ll tell it like it is, because — that’s why they’ve always done. our old friends, they’ve watched us become who we are.

and while they may not be walking down the same path of entrepreneurship and building ideas from nothing, they still play a significant role in our lives. 

they know us — better and more intimately than almost anyone else. the history we have with our friends can never be replaced. and, yes, while we can make new friends and who will understand our new passions and desires to build businesses and dreams — they’ll never quite understand our history and story like our old friends do. because, our old friends lived it out with us.

while our world is more connected than ever, it seems as if people are more lonely than ever, too. we talk on the regular about community — and how important it is. but, sometimes, as we progress  as humans— we’re so quick to forget and leave behind the friends we grew up with, the ones that know us, the ones that love us. we come up with all these reasons about how “we’re so different from them now”. but, maybe, instead of finding how different we are— we need to be looking for how we’re still the same and how we’re still connected.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i brought on dalenna kircheis, one of my best friends from college. we’ve been friends for over a decade — and while our journeys have taken us to two different destinations, we’re still connected, closer than we’ve ever been, and living life together — because, we’ve realized that “to be loved is to be known, and to be known is to be loved” and nothing beats old friends. 

throughout the episode, we’re sharing some tips on how you can stay connected with your old friends despite the differences you may now have and also some ways to turn new friends into old friends by being intentional. 

this episode will be sure to make you laugh. but, more than anything — i hope that it gives you the courage to go deeper in your existing relationships and be ever so intentional with building new friendships. 

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

say farewell to fear

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 8.26.20 PM.png

The Daring Romantics 

Episode No. 30

if i can be honest, one of the biggest mistakes that i have made as an entrepreneur is making fear based decisions. in my early days of creating, if you would have told me i was acting out of fear— i would have tried to put you in your place and tell you that you were making it up. 

but, we wise up with age, right? 

you see, when i first started out— i had NO IDEA what i was doing. being an “entrepreneur” or “dream chaser” wasn’t even in my vocabulary. in my mind, i needed a job so i created one for myself. and that’s that. 

looking back, i can tell you straight up— i made a lot of decisions based on fear of failing, based on the fear of losing a client, based on the fear of not making ends meet, based on the fear that i wouldn’t matter or have purpose in this world. 

it was decision after decision that was based on fear. and the thing about fear —it never leads anywhere good. it’s like a downward spiral that leads to sadness, depression, paranoia, lack of inspiration, and hopelessness. 

it wasn’t until i kept on hitting the same points of frustration time and time again that i began to ask myself question and make moves to become more self-aware of the way i was living and making decisions. and, when i took the time to ask myself the real questions, the hard questions, the good questions — i came to the realization that i was making all my moves with fear as my motivating factor. and it was robbing me of inspiration, true creativity, and taking all of the fun out of creating.

i knew that if i wanted my life, my work, and my business to be different and to forge ahead in this world and make big waves —then i was going to have to change. i was going to have to change how i interacted with fear and how i made decisions.

because, i realized this simple truth — when we let fear rule our decisions, we relinquish control over our lives. 

and, i don’t know about you — but, i want my dreams / goals / visions to pierce through the atmosphere and become reality. i don’t want to give fear any power or control over my life. i don’t want fear to determine if i will or will not accomplishing something in this world.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing what i’ve learned about how to overcome fear and how to avoid making fear based decisions. throughout the episode, i share some of my own stories and experiences and weave in three truths that we need to remember and 5 practical tips that we and all implement in order to make better decisions that are full of bravery.

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we’re all in this together, friends.

you got this.

cheers and xo's,

lindsey eryn

it's not a straight line


The Daring Romantics Podcast

Episode No. 29

i think, throughout life — i thought that life was going to be one straight line. 

as a college student, i thought— “i’ll graduate college, move to boston, start a non-profit, and get married.” 

simple as that. 

yet, what life started showing me… 

was that dream chasing is anything but a straight line. 

my plans for boston fell through. and, despite how much i didn’t want to stay in my college town i found myself there—interning. nannying. not making a salary, and living off taco bell. 

during this season of life, i felt like — “what the heck am i doing?” 

i felt like i had all these big extravagant plans for life, and here i was— stuck at a detour. 

i couldn’t see how interning was going to help me to get to where i wanted to be. 

and more than anything, it felt like it was slowing me down from reaching my dreams and goals. 

this wasn’t the straight line to dreams come true that i had envisioned for myself.  

if i am being honest, i think that i wasted a lot of valuable time resenting my journey— resenting the sharp left turns, the detours, and the forks in the road that i encountered along the way. 

it’s not that i wanted an “easy” road, but i wanted a direct route to my dream. because, i thought that’s what it meant to be successful. 

but what i’ve realized throughout my journey, is that there’s no such thing as direct route when you’re dream chasing. because, dream chasing is too wild and spontaneous for a straight, clean line. 

the path of dream chasing is more like driving through the mountains, where you have to keep your hand on the steering wheel the whole time, because there’s twists and turns in the roads. there’s uphill climbs, and steep declines. there’s change in paces as you go around the bends of the road. and, at some point, the road is narrow — keeping you on alert. the views along this road are spectacular, but, it’s not like driving the empty highways of oklahoma where you can put yourself on cruise control and sit back and relax as you drive a straight shot to the next city. 

if we’re choosing the path of dream chasing, then we have to also choose to commit and embrace to the winding journey that it’ll take us on. there’s no straight shot.

you see, what we fail to realize sometimes, is that if we had a straight shot to our dreams, if our paths were completely linear— we’d miss out on experiencing the very things that equip us to make magic in the world. at each turn, detour, pit stop — we gain something, leave something behind, or produce something that will help us on the road up ahead and give us the tools, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that we need to make impact in our community and industries. 

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m opening up about my own journey — sharing how it’s been anything but a straight line. it’s been crooked, messy, full of detours, and sharp turns — but, without those sometimes unexpected curves on my path, i wouldn’t be who i am or where i am today. and, for that— i am eternally grateful. 

i hope more than anything, at the end of this episode, that you walk away with the confidence that you’re on the right path. even if your journey looks and feels a little crooked, jagged, rugged, and unconventional. life isn’t a straight line. my wish is that this episode helps you to learn how to celebrate every curve in your road with the confidence that each curve, each climb uphill, or change in pace is leading you to somewhere more breathtaking than your wildest imagination. 

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cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn