creating a healthy lifestyle


when i started my journey as an entrepreneur, health and fitness was no where on my priority list. i always claimed i was “too busy”. i was on a mission to make impact, to grow my ideas, and bring something into the world that didn’t exist before. i’d work long days and sometimes never making it outside to breathe in the fresh air and often forgetting to eat meals. 

i didn’t even think twice about the habits that i was creating, because— everything was fine. well, that is— until it wasn’t. and i found myself having a seizure in a foreign country. 

for years, i had been neglecting myself and my basic needs. i worked hard. strived. and achieved. and, it was amazing — but, it was costing me my health. 

having a seizure was a wake-up call that i needed to hit the reset button and create new habits and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

i realized — i get one body in this lifetime. 

i don’t get to trade it in when it gets old or worn down. 

which means, i have to take care of it. 

i have to respect it. 

because, through respecting my body — i am respecting my purpose, my dreams, and the visions that i have for my life. 

the truth is simple — if we don’t take care of our bodies, our bodies cannot function in the way they were created, then we will not have the physical energy, strength, or capacity to continue pursuing or dreams and ideas. with that in mind, as dreamers, we cannot afford to not take care of our bodies. 

we have to pursue healthy living so that we can do all that we’ve set out to do.

once i came to an understanding of this — i changed my entire lifestyle. i started working out everyday and feeding my body the kind of foods that it needs in order to thrive. 

and what i found was that living a healthy lifestyle was actually propelling me forward so that i could be all that i wanted to be and do all that i wanted to do. i found myself going throughout my day with more energy, more creativity, and more capacity to push harder towards my goals. essentially, the thing that i was neglecting because i was “too busy”, was actually the very thing that i needed in order to reach the wild success in my life and business that i desired. 

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i brought on haven brown, one of my best friends, to discuss what we, as dreamers and entrepreneurs, can do take better care of ourselves and create a healthy lifestyle — spirit, mind, and body. more than anything, i hope that you walk away from this episode empowered and challenged to continually pursue healthy living as you chase your dreams. 

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how to be good at anything (even if you really really suck at it)


The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 25 

if you listened to last week’s episode of the daring romantics, then you know that in college— i kept a document on my computer called “rabbit trails”. i knew that i wanted to write book one day, but knew that if that was going to happen — then i had to start practicing writing a lot of words and getting familiar with stringing together thoughts and ideas. i kept this document and used it as my teacher. everyday, i’d sit down and i’d write whatever came to mind and allow myself to rabbit trail from topic to topic. the next day, i’d pick up where i’d left off being inspired by whatever the last thought was. 

after listening to last week’s podcast episode, my dad told me was surprised to hear that in college i knew i wanted to write a book. as he winced his eyes and gave one of those parental apologetic smiles he said, “you were, at best, an average writer”.

nothing like the honest truth from your dad, right? 

but, in all honesty — he was right. i wasn’t very good. in fact, i wasn’t good at all. it’s safe to say that i had zero natural talent for writing and captivating an audience’s attention. 

fast forward, a decade later — and, things have changed. 

my writing skills have drastically improved. and, my words are floating all over the internet— captivating people, impacting their lives, and doing exactly what i intended them to do. 

i don’t say this to get a pat on the back. but, i share this — because, sometimes, as humans, we put so much emphasis on natural talent. when, natural talent is not the determining factor of whether we’ll be successful at something. 

time and time again, hard work has proven that it’s capable of trumping natural talent. don’t take my word for it though — there have been tons of studies on this. google it. 

here’s the thing: yes — natural talent is good. and yeah, it definitely gives someone the upper hand at achieving something. but, a person who is told over and over that he has talent would tend to decide that he does not have to work hard to attain success. 

on the other hand, when you have someone who isn’t naturally talented in something, but isn’t afraid to put in the hard work— you’ll see them outperforming even the smartest and most talented individuals. 

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing 7 things that i have done in order to go from a mediocre writer and designer to excellent. it’s not a secret formula or a magic potion, but — if you work hard and implement these 7 things into your life, i promise, you’ll see a shift in your work and skill level. hard work always pays off. 

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the rabbit trails


in college, i knew that i wanted to write a book. i also knew that i wasn’t a very good writer. i was determined that one day, somehow, i would make this goal and dream come to life. but, i knew that if it was going to happen — then, i had to prepare myself. 

i started a document on my computer and labeled it “rabbit trails”. and, everyday, i would sit down and about whatever came to mind. i wouldn’t set a timer or have any requirements— other than the fact that i had to be faithful to write whatever came to mind. i stopped writing when i felt like i had reached an end of a thought. but, many times — as i would write, i would rabbit trail. one thought would lead to another, and i would let it. the next day, when i came back to my “rabbit trails” document, i would pick up where i left off. whatever thought i ended on the previous day, i would let inspire what came next. there was no overarching theme, and i liked it like that. because, through this fluid thinking i felt like i discovered some of my deepest truths. 

okay, why am i telling you this? 

because, as i was thinking about this week’s podcast — i missed the rabbit trails, the whimsical way of communicating and conversing. 

i mean, think about it. i can pretty much guarantee that some of your favorite conversations in this world are ones that rabbit trailed. conversations where you started off talking about one idea and ended up somewhere else at the end of the conversation. you’re not sure how you got there— but, one thing led to the next. and it was good. 

so, yeah. this week, there’s no overarching theme. it’s just a conversation between you and me.

i can tell you though — i do talk about these things: 

  1. life / work  / dreams doesn’t always go as planned. 
  2. someone stole my credit card
  3. be kind anyways
  4. you don’t always have to defend your point
  5. less is more, and good leaders edit themselves
  6. friday night lights 
  7. be gentle
  8. nordstrom’s return policy 
  9. appeasing people vs. people pleasing 
  10. there’s strength in numbers 

while this episode is non-traditional, there’s something in here for everyone.  i think you’ll enjoy. just imagine we’re sitting on the couch with a glass of wine or road tripping up the california coast. 

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don't wish it away

JT- Kendall Hanna Photography-1-8.jpg

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 23

i hate hard things. 

okay, hate is a strong word. but, i strongly dislike hard moments in life and business. 

i don’t even have to define “hard stuff” and you can probably give it a title, because, we’ve all walked through hard things that have pushed us outside of our comfort zone. 

whether it’s being challenged in our careers with projects that feel out of our league, experiencing tension or friction with another human being, trying to figure out the next step of life, brainstorming how to solve a problem that we’re experiencing, learning something new that feels completely foreign, dealing with money and budgets, or trying to break through limits in our businesses.

literally, there are so many hard things that we can come up against in our lives as humans and as business owners.

i admit — for alot of my life, i wished away the hard stuff. 

i’d come up against something that challenged me or something that made me feel uncomfortable — and i’d dread it. and, more than likely, if you were around me — you’d hear this deep and dramatic *sigh* with a little whine that mumbled “ugh, i wish this wasn’t happening.” 

but, one day — i had an epiphany. if i wanted to see all my dreams come true and accomplish something wilder than my imagination, then i needed to embrace the hard moments that were arising in my life and lean into them. because, without them, i wouldn’t be forged into a person that was capable of holding my wild dreams and ideas. 

you see, the hard stuff — it shapes us, refines us, and gives us the strength to break the glass ceilings that we are experiencing in our lives. 

so, yeah— walking through hard experiences is still not my favorite past time. but, these days, i can be at peace when i experience hard moments / challenges / obstacles — knowing that if i lean into them, then when i get to the other side of the challenge, i’ll be a stronger, better human. i’ll be more brave, more daring, and more courageous in order to take on new territory and do what people thought was impossible for me. 

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into this idea of not wishing way the hard stuff in life. we need the hard stuff. because, without the difficulties and challenges, we cannot become the people that we were intended to be and do all that we were purposed to do. 

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we’re all in this together, my friend. 

i hope you enjoy the episode. ;) 

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it's more than just making a living


The Daring Romantics 

Episode No. 22

there’s one question that i keep pondering lately, and it’s this: “is what we’re doing changing people’s lives or making them feel they are falling behind?” 

in the journey of entrepreneurship, self-promotion kinda becomes a way of living— a way of doing. we’ve become so accustomed to promoting ourselves, over romanticizing ordinary moments to make it look better on social media, boasting about our accomplishments, and puffing our chests to show off what we’ve built — but what for? 

yeah, i get it — all of this comes with the territory. 

it comes with the day and age we live in and we can easily chalk it up to “marketing”. 

but, entrepreneurship is more than just making a living, it’s about influencing people’s lives for the better. 

as daring romantics, if we’re going to be about people — then, we need to take a moment to stop and pause and see if what we’re doing is actually helping people or making them feel like no matter how much or how hard they work they’ll never attain this picture perfect pinterest worthy lifestyle that we’re portraying — a lifestyle that isn't even real, because it's only a sliver of the full picture. 

we need to take a moment to pause and ask ourselves — are we allowing our humanness to shine through? or is what we are doing isolating ourselves and blocking actual human connection from happening? 

in this week’s episode of the daring romantics, i’m diving into this concept and i hope more than anything it’s food for thought. i’m sharing some simple things that each of us can do in order to make sure that what we are doing is impacting people’s lives instead of making them feel like they are falling behind in life.

if there’s one thing that each of us crave in this life — it’s human connection. i hope that this episode reminds you that it’s a powerful thing to share your not-so-perfect, ever-in-need-of-grace human side even as you’re building your dreams and ideas. 

we’re all in this together, my friends. 

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lindsey eryn

it might as well be you

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The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 21

on one of my last days in london, i had the most beautiful conversation with someone i met in the pub. as they told me their dream, they said "i know it may be a little ambitious — but that's what i want." the conversation left and impression on me and inspired me. because, the truth is: someone is going to go out in the world and be ambitious enough to make dreams a reality. and, with that in mind, the ambitious people might as well be us! and we should never make any apologies for being wildly ambitious. 

ambition, with an earnest heart and a soul that is deeply convicted by an idea, is never a bad thing. in fact, it’s a good thing — it’s necessary in order for the world to progress, to move forward, to be inspired, to create, to invent, and to be everything that we were created to be.

as daring romantics, it’s time that we stop taming our ambition to please people and to make them feel comfortable. because, the world needs our ambition. as mark twain said, “keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.” 

in this week's episode of #thedaringromantics podcast, i'm sharing 3 things that every wildly ambitious dreamer ought to keep in mind as they forge ahead— undisturbed by realities— and bring dreams to life.

my greatest hope is that you’ll walk away from the episode with confidence in your ambitious and be unapologetic about your drive and willingness to strive for the impossible. 

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cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn 

the waiting game




after arriving in london, i decided to take the underground to meet my best friend, bunmi. after getting directions off google maps, i knew that it was going to be 19 stops from heathrow airport to finsbury park on the piccadilly line. where, i would then get off the underground and catch a bus + make my way to clapton.

the journey from heathrow to finsbury park seemed like an eternity. i was hungry, i was antsy, and i wanted to change out of my travel clothes and wash my face. 

despite what i wanted in that moment, despite what i was feeling— all i could do was wait. if i got off the train because i was antsy, i was only going to delay my journey.

i saw lots of people come on and off the train while i waited. some people came and only had to wait for a little bit. some had to wait longer.

i couldn’t help but draw parallels from the situation i was living out to dream chasing. if i have learned anything— it’s that dreams all require the same thing out of us at some point in time. they require us to wait, in patient expectancy. while waiting on a dream may not be fun, while it may feel like you are wasting time or aren’t getting anywhere, or while it may feel like you are waiting longer than others around you— the waiting isn’t diminishing the dream. the waiting, like the train, is inching you closer and closer to your dream— your destination. and your destination, it’s not the same as everyone else’s. so you can’t compare your waiting time or journey to anyone else’s. your destination and purpose are unique. 

if you feel like you are waiting on a dream, on an idea, on a moment, on an opportunity, on a connection— do not grow weary in the waiting. don’t give up and walk away. a train always gets to its destination, it’s just a matter of time. wait with patient expectancy — what you are waiting for, hoping for, believing for is going to be worth the wait. it’ll be incomparable, breathtaking, and glorious.

you’re on route. remember that.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m brought bunmi (my best friend) onto the show! which, was exciting, because— hello! she’s my first show guest. ;) but, between the two of us— we know a thing or two about what it means to wait on a dream. throughout the episode, you’ll get insight on how to approach the waiting season, what to do in the waiting season so that you’re inching closer to your dream, and how to stay motivated when timing doesn’t go your way or you experience setbacks. 

my greatest hope is that you listen to the episode and feel like you’re in the room with us — chatting it up and feeling like you’re not alone. we’re all in this together, friends. we make each other stronger. and, when you walk away from the episode, i hope you have the courage to continue waiting for your dream and feel encouraged that you will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, reach your destination.

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cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn 

5 tips to a successful side-hustle

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Episode No. 19 

The Daring Romantics

creating a side-hustle is no easy thing – it’s not for the faint of heart.

it’s for the daring, the determined, and the people who have a vision beating so strongly within their heart that they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

you see, the side hustle means — not only are you juggling your current responsibilities, but you are also balancing in things / places / ideas / tasks that go along with your future. the side-hustle, it’ll shape and and refine you as a person — because, it’s not normal. it’s not status quo. it’s not “the easy route”. it’s the route that says, “i know that something is better out there — and i’m going to find it.”

in this week’s episode of the daring romantics, i’m diving into the side-hustle and 5 things that will make your side-hustle successful. some of the things— i’ve had to learn the hard way, some of these things i have stumbled upon, and some of these things are wisdom that have been passed onto. 

and, over the years, these 5 things have kept me afloat. on the days that i questioned if i was strong enough to balance more than one idea at a time— these 5 things gave me strength, courage, and tenacity. on the days where i didn’t feel like i knew what to do, these lessons showed me wisdom and gave me guidance. on the days where i felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, these 5 things lightened my load and showed me it was all going to be okay. 

so, yeah — if you find yourself side-hustling, managing a day job (whether that be in the corporate world or motherhood) and adding in a passion project—here’s 5 things you need to know. start listening to episode no. 19 “five tips to a successful side hustle” on iTunes. 

cheers and xo's,

lindsey eryn