the waiting game




after arriving in london, i decided to take the underground to meet my best friend, bunmi. after getting directions off google maps, i knew that it was going to be 19 stops from heathrow airport to finsbury park on the piccadilly line. where, i would then get off the underground and catch a bus + make my way to clapton.

the journey from heathrow to finsbury park seemed like an eternity. i was hungry, i was antsy, and i wanted to change out of my travel clothes and wash my face. 

despite what i wanted in that moment, despite what i was feeling— all i could do was wait. if i got off the train because i was antsy, i was only going to delay my journey.

i saw lots of people come on and off the train while i waited. some people came and only had to wait for a little bit. some had to wait longer.

i couldn’t help but draw parallels from the situation i was living out to dream chasing. if i have learned anything— it’s that dreams all require the same thing out of us at some point in time. they require us to wait, in patient expectancy. while waiting on a dream may not be fun, while it may feel like you are wasting time or aren’t getting anywhere, or while it may feel like you are waiting longer than others around you— the waiting isn’t diminishing the dream. the waiting, like the train, is inching you closer and closer to your dream— your destination. and your destination, it’s not the same as everyone else’s. so you can’t compare your waiting time or journey to anyone else’s. your destination and purpose are unique. 

if you feel like you are waiting on a dream, on an idea, on a moment, on an opportunity, on a connection— do not grow weary in the waiting. don’t give up and walk away. a train always gets to its destination, it’s just a matter of time. wait with patient expectancy — what you are waiting for, hoping for, believing for is going to be worth the wait. it’ll be incomparable, breathtaking, and glorious.

you’re on route. remember that.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m brought bunmi (my best friend) onto the show! which, was exciting, because— hello! she’s my first show guest. ;) but, between the two of us— we know a thing or two about what it means to wait on a dream. throughout the episode, you’ll get insight on how to approach the waiting season, what to do in the waiting season so that you’re inching closer to your dream, and how to stay motivated when timing doesn’t go your way or you experience setbacks. 

my greatest hope is that you listen to the episode and feel like you’re in the room with us — chatting it up and feeling like you’re not alone. we’re all in this together, friends. we make each other stronger. and, when you walk away from the episode, i hope you have the courage to continue waiting for your dream and feel encouraged that you will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, reach your destination.

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cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn 

5 tips to a successful side-hustle

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Episode No. 19 

The Daring Romantics

creating a side-hustle is no easy thing – it’s not for the faint of heart.

it’s for the daring, the determined, and the people who have a vision beating so strongly within their heart that they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

you see, the side hustle means — not only are you juggling your current responsibilities, but you are also balancing in things / places / ideas / tasks that go along with your future. the side-hustle, it’ll shape and and refine you as a person — because, it’s not normal. it’s not status quo. it’s not “the easy route”. it’s the route that says, “i know that something is better out there — and i’m going to find it.”

in this week’s episode of the daring romantics, i’m diving into the side-hustle and 5 things that will make your side-hustle successful. some of the things— i’ve had to learn the hard way, some of these things i have stumbled upon, and some of these things are wisdom that have been passed onto. 

and, over the years, these 5 things have kept me afloat. on the days that i questioned if i was strong enough to balance more than one idea at a time— these 5 things gave me strength, courage, and tenacity. on the days where i didn’t feel like i knew what to do, these lessons showed me wisdom and gave me guidance. on the days where i felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, these 5 things lightened my load and showed me it was all going to be okay. 

so, yeah — if you find yourself side-hustling, managing a day job (whether that be in the corporate world or motherhood) and adding in a passion project—here’s 5 things you need to know. start listening to episode no. 19 “five tips to a successful side hustle” on iTunes. 

cheers and xo's,

lindsey eryn

respecting yourself by setting boundaries




ten years ago — i was a different person. ten years ago, “boundaries” wasn’t really a thing in my life. i didn’t know that i was allowed to tell someone “hey, this isn’t okay with me.” 

until one day, that all changed for me when a dean of my university told me that i was “a disgrace to my university” and “would never amount to anything or capable of leading people.”

i don’t know what came over me that day, after all, i had never been one to stick up for myself but that day as she these words came out of her mouth — something inside of me said “this isn’t okay.”

after the dean finished going off on her rant, i sat up tall in my chair and said “you don’t get to talk to me like that. you have no authority to say those things to me.”

that day, changed everything for me. that day, i realized, boundaries are important and that we are allowed to speak up for our boundaries — what’s okay and what’s not okay with us. we are allowed to tell someone “hey, this isn’t okay with me.” 

that day, i came to the realization that having boundaries is a form of self-love and self-respect. and, if we never stick up for our boundaries (whether personally or professionally) then we allow ourselves to be exposed and unguarded against the things that will come and try to rob us of our joy, our confidence, our talent, our time, our well-being, our faith, and our hope. 

you see, if we’re going to make it to the finish line of our dreams and live well throughout the process of dream chasing (and being human)— then, we need to have boundaries. boundaries of what people can say to us, how they can treat us, how they interact with us, how they talk about us, and how they do business with us. we need to have boundaries of what we’ll allow ourselves to experience and boundaries of what we don’t want to expose ourselves to. 

and just because our boundaries disappoint or upset people, doesn't mean that we need to shift and change them. boundaries, they don’t make us weak — on the contrary, they make us strong. they empower us to be all that we can be and do all that we can do in the world. 

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into the topic of boundaries on both the personal and professional level. because, gosh — as entrepreneurs, if we’re gonna make it to the other side of our dream with our sanity still in tact, then we need to realize — boundaries are our friend. and we’re not super heroes who can survive (or thrive)  in the world without boundaries. i’m sharing my own experiences and what i’ve learned about developing healthy boundaries and how to guard them. 

my greatest hope is that you walk away from this episode with the confidence that you are worthy of being respected by yourself and others. 

tune in on iTunes to episode no. 18 “respect yourself + set boundaries” now available for your listening pleasure. ;) 

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

the culture you carry


The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 17 


it’s simple— yet, so easy to forget, right? 

too often we rely on other people, other brands, tribes, communities, or experiences to create the culture for us. and, we kinda end up taking a back seat instead of moving boldly as the influencers that we were called to be. 

but, i think more than ever— the world needs us to step up to the plate and be carriers of beautiful, life giving culture.


because, we live in a broken world. full of broken people, broken systems, broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken sense of selves. we live in a world where everyday— life happens, and things don’t always go as planned. 

everyday the people we encounter, whether strangers or friends, are journey up mountains and through valleys—experiencing life. sometimes, life includes failed business ideas, uncertainty, financial struggles, fear, loss, doubt, and insecurity.

plato told us “be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” but, kindness — it’s not enough. as leaders, we need to be cognitive of the culture that we’re carrying and passing onto people. because, if we truly want to make impact in this world, then we have to be intentional about living out and passing on life-giving and transformative culture onto others.

a kind of culture that when thing go wrong, it says “don’t give up on hope. more is going on than meets the eye!” the kind of culture that when loss is experienced, it says “stay full of faith. a new thing is happening.” the kind of culture that when fear creeps in, it says “take courage. you are strong enough for this.”

so, here is the question: what is the culture you are carrying? what are you passing on to the people you encounter? are you passing on fear, doubt, and worry? or are you passing on hope, faith, and courage?

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into the topic of culture. and sharing how you can identify your culture, change your culture, and use your culture to influence the people you meet and transform the places you go. 

more than anything, i hope you walk away from this episode realizing that YOU ARE A LEADER, YOU ARE INFLUENTIAL. you don’t need a big platform or a massive following to change the world — you just need to allow the culture that’s inside of you to overflow out of you.

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cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

breathe through it


The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 16

i’m not good at remembering when things happened in life. i always think everything happened when i was ten or eleven — so, we’ll just go with that today. 

but, when i was somewhere in that pre-teen season of life, my family took a trip to mexico for a couple of weeks in the summer. we were at the beach one day, when a storm started rolling in. at first, it was so fun. because the waves were getting super big as we body surfed our way to the shore. my two sister and i were having the time of our lives. that is — until the waves and the current started getting stronger than our little bodies could handle. 

at the time, my little sister wasn’t the best of swimmers. still out in the water, i swam out to where she was to help her back to shore. and as i was trying to bring her back in, the waves got bigger and the current got stronger. she started freaking out thinking she was going to drown. she began kicking and screaming and using me as her living and breathing buoy just trying to keep her head above water. 

i kept telling her to calm down and breathe, because that’s the only way that the both of us were going to make it to shore alive. 

this situation might have happened over a decade ago in mexico,but, i think — honestly — so may of us can relate to it on a daily basis. 

life is happening. it’s beautiful. then one day, “something” happens. and we get stressed, overwhelmed, and freak. we kick and scream (whether it’s internally or externally) just trying to keep our head above water + not drown in our situation. 

and, the “something” — it can be anything. it can be something that happened, a thought that rolled into our head, work situations or expectations, or family circumstances. 

but, “something” happens that causes us to go into a frenzy — and, the first thing that we do is— react: freak out.

i know this— because, to be honest — i’ve been notorious for this almost my whole life. 

if i’m being honest, i have a track record for getting stressed + overwhelmed with work or life to the point that it really affects me spirit, mind, and body. over the past couple years, as i’ve owned my businesses, not every day has a been a walk through the park or instagram worthy. some days, have been overwhelmingly stressful. i would try to “manage” my stress but, somehow, i’d always end up freaking out and using people around me as my buoy’s — doing whatever i could to stay above water.

over the last year, i’ve come to the realization — “this is no way to live. this isn’t living well.” i decided that— while stormy days may come i don’t wanna freak out anymore, i don’t want stress to be a part of my vocabulary, i don’t want to live a life where i’m on a rollercoaster of being overwhelmed. 

because, i believe more than anything that we were created to live a life of peace and harmony, a life we can enjoy, a life where we're not constantly feeling like we're drowning.

i decided that it was time to be intentional about creating change in my life. and, over the past few months, i’ve been incredibly intentional about how i start my day and weaving little things in throughout my day to keep me centered and living in peace. 

in a season, where my business is growing faster than ever — i’ve seen how impactful these changes have been and even though hard days come, i’ve been able to stay full of peace and avoid all the mental breakdowns i’ve been known for in the past. 

this week on the daring romantics, i’m sharing what i’ve been implementing into my days in order to resist being stressed and feeling overwhelmed and live a well — full of peace and harmony.

my greatest hope, is that after this episode — you’ll feel encouraged and empowered to live a life of peace and not accept the stress as something you have to carry or own. 

we got this, friends. 


cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

maybe you should quit



Episode No. 15

our whole lives, we've been told things like "winners never quit and quitters never win." but, what if all those motivational quotes are wrong? what if strategically quitting certain ideas could actually lead us to wild success? 

a couple weeks ago, i really wanted to record an episode on “failing forward” for the daring romantics podcast. but, as i started walking down memory lane — i realized how many times i quitted different ideas / businesses / concepts / services throughout my journey as an entrepreneur. i have never thought of myself as a quitter. because, well, no one wants to be known as someone who quits.

but, i realized, i have quit a lot of things over time. and, every time i quit something— it wasn’t because it was too hard or too difficult to execute. i quit because — the idea was no longer serving me, my mission, and where i was headed in life.

and, each time i quit, each time that i stopped doing something that i felt was no longer right— i found myself colliding with an idea that was better suited for me which led me to even greater successes.

this week on the daring romantics, i am challenging what we’ve always been told that “winners never quit.”

because, heck! i just don’t think that’s true anymore. 

yes, there’s beauty in perseverance. and yes, we shouldn’t give up just because things get hard. but, when something (an idea, a business, an activity, a movement) is no longer serving us + propelling us to new places in the way way we’ve envisioned — it’s okay to let it go. it’s okay to quit the wrong stuff to find the right stuff. 

i believe — that if we are strategic about what we quit and are obedient to quit the wrong things in order to find the right things — we’ll have a collision with all the right things / ideas / and business ventures and experience success wilder than our imagination. 

throughout the episode, i share my own stories of quitting and even some recent decisions that i’ve had to make in order to realign myself on a path of wild success. 

more than ever, i believe in this idea — that quitting the wrong things can better position us for wild dreams coming true. in the episode, i’ll go in-depth into the benefits of strategy quitting, the things that hold most people back, and how to determine if you should maybe be quitting. 

my promise to you — is to always be honest about my own journey of creating and to share what i know. we’re better together, we’re stronger together. we’re all in this together, friend.  

okay, tune into episode no. 15 “maybe you should quit” now on iTunes

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

what to do when things go wrong




when thing go wrong— do you know how you’ll react? when things don’t go the way you’ve envisioned — do you know what you’ll do? when things get messy and tragedy hits— do you know what you’ll say? 

at some point in life, most of us have experienced life not going as we’ve planned. we’ve encountered moments of disappointment, moments of heartbreak, moments of tragedy, and moments where things go very very very wrong.

i know, in my own life— i’ve experienced it.

over the years, as i’ve chased wild dreams —i’ve experienced failed business ideas. i’ve experienced loss + heartbreak. i’ve experienced dreams not working out like i’ve imagined. 

in the low seasons, as humans and creators, it’s easy to drown ourselves in worry and to feel as if we’ve hit the end of the road. 

but, as dreamers— we need to be relentless in hope. when disappointment comes, when things go wrong— we cannot accept defeat as the final word. we must hold onto faith that there’s more to come for us. we cannot buy into the lie and the narrative that things are over. we must refuse to worry — because worry doesn’t breed faith. worry gnaws away at our souls, stealing the glimmers of hope that can get us to a place of breakthrough.

we must stand on the truth that disappointment does not get the final say, we must stand on the truth that we were destined to conquer and to be victorious. we must choose to look at life through the lens of possibility. and choose to see the disappointment as a stepping stone to a victory up ahead.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m talking about what to do when things go wrong. you don’t want to miss this episode. because, whether you’re walking through a season of calamity or not — it’s important that we decide how we’re going to react to a situation before we ever encounter it. so, when things go wrong — you’ll already know what you need to do + say in order to get to the other side and experience victory. 

tune in to epsiode no. 14 "what to do when things go wrong" on

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn

what to do when you feel creatively stuck


The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 13

i know if i’m honest with you — you won’t mind. so, i’m just gonna tell you — this week, i hit a creative funk and it was so dang frustrating. 

i was working on a web project and it was just not working out the way i wanted it to. i had plenty of inspiration, but gosh — the concept for the project was taking so much more time and effort than i anticipated. i kept on feeling like i was in a “creative funk” because i wasn’t whipping the concept out in a matter of hours like i know i can. 

have you ever been there? 

where you have plenty of inspiration — but still, the idea you are working on still isn’t taking shape in the way you want it to? and it makes you feel like you’re “stuck” or in a “creative funk”? in those moments— it’s so easy to begin questioning ourselves, our ideas, and what we have to offer. 

but, this week — as i walked through this experience, i was reminded “creativity is a process and we cannot rush the process.” 

i think that sometimes, as doers our desire to “be productive” can get in the way of our creativity and can sometimes keep us from digging deep and getting to our best ideas.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m talking about the creation and ideation process and what to do when you feel stuck creatively so that you can get back to producing the best ideas of your life.

because, i know that within each of us are idea that can shape the future and change the world. we’ve got what it takes, my friends. 

tune into episode no. 13 on iTunes. 

oh, and, p.s. — the web project i was telling you about, it turned out perfectly. the client said that she was holding back tears when she saw it because it was better than she dreamed it could be. ;) 

cheers and xo's, 

lindsey eryn